Five For Hell Review


Sep 8, 2009

Here we are again. Thank goodness for this new laptop, as it has allowed me to actually get to watching some cult films! Woot! Also, it allows me to write! So I’m back a week later with my review for the Macaroni Combat crusade Five For Hell. Definitely a fun flick, that while it has it’s own problems now and then it’s overall a ambitious low budget actioner. Plus, there’s Klaus Kinski and John (Gianni) Garko in there! Can’t beat that!

The Plot: John Garko plays Lt. Hoffman, who has recently been put in charge of an extremely dangerous mission that will involve he and a platoon of his choosing going behind enemy lines, sneaking into a nazi fortress and gaining access to Plan K. A dangerous and important document that could very well help secure a win for the allies. He picks his ragtag team of soldiers, all with their own unique expertise and vulnerabilities. However, on the opposite side of the playing field is Hans Muehller (Klaus Kinski), a nazi officer placed in charge of watching the very same fortress that Hoffman will be attempting to break into. Muehller is a brutal leader who will acknowledge no weakness. Without his knowing, right underneath him is Helga a spy working with the Americans who will be attempting to assist Lt. Hoffman when he and his crew arrive. Which side will win in this epic battle of good versus evil?