Four New Ones For Ya!


Aug 22, 2008

Hey everybody! Despite being busy, hanging out with my brother who has recently moved in and such, I was able to sneak in some film and writing time just for all of you! So for those of you who enjoy the galleries, the reviews and the recommendations – here you go!

Hardcore – This is a film I have been wanting to check out for quite a while now. I’m a big fan of George C. Scott, as well as the Nicholas Cage thriller 8mm which I was told had many similarities to this film right here. Although I don’t talk about it much in the review, 8mm really does and it owes a whole lot to this film right here.

Ilsa – Tigress Of Siberia – That ol’ girl is at it again! C’mon Ilsa/Olga/Dyanne Thorne – is it really necessary to torture all those people?… yeah, you’re right, they really do. Tigress is pretty much considered the weakest of the Ilsa movies. I have to disagree personally, as I had a fairly decent time and had the film kept up the pace of the first thirty minutes I would push this up as one of the best in the series that I have seen and would be battling the first film for the top spot… but as you can tell, unfortunately that never happened.

Sartana’s Here… Trade Your Pistol For A Coffin – Holy moly! What a film title eh? This one makes me want to check out the rest of the series for sure, and absolute blast and one of the most fun westerns I’ve seen in a very long time. Great flick, and has me hyped for the rest of the series!

Satan’s Cheerleaders – Look, I know the word “Cheerleaders” is right there in the title but truthfully I was expecting more “possessed cheerleaders/horror related cinema in some form or another” and less cheesy beach volleyball bingo blanket party shtick. Although I like Greydon Clark, this is definitely a stinker.


Dolemite – Ahh, looking back on this review, this was a whole lot of fun. Not just the film but writing about it as well. Although it’s an older review, it might be one of my best.

Don’t Go In The House – Ahh, a classic bit of horror and exploitation sleaze. Dude kidnaps girls, locks them in a metal room then BBQ’s them – you know what that spell my friends? A CLASSIC, that’s what it spells! Definitely check this one out!

Don’t Answer the Phone (Reviewed by Prof. Aglaophotis) – Aggy hooked us up with this one a while back, an intense and detailed review for what looks like a pretty horrid little horror flick.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy all the fun new words on pages! AND SIGN UP ON THOSE FORUMS EVERYBODY!