genkaiinablackcompanyI’m super late on this, but old news can still be good news right? Anyway, here’s one to stack up on the pile of flicks I’ve never heard of but whose trailer makes it seem infinitely interesting. Genkai in A Black Company looks to be a satirical look at the Japanese workplace. Based upon a forum posting on 2chan, it tells the story of a 20-something computer geek working at a “black company”, which from what nippon cinema tells us is Japanese slang for a business that overworks their employees and are generally legal slavedrivers. There’s a novel based upon the story as well. I’m more than willing to give this one a look, after another internet-posting-turned-movie draw took over Asian cinema a few years back in the form of My Sassy Girl. Hopefully this will reach the heights that the fun and energetic trailer exudes. Check out the trailer!