Hey everybody! So we’re back with the hixploitation/carsploitation action continuing! Today we’re examining one of three films released on this first Roger Corman Cult Classic triple feature DVD release! Today we look at Georgia Peaches, a made for TV piece of action fluff that is sure to entertain!

The Plot: Sue Lynn, also known as Peach Pit, works as a mechanic for herself at The Georgia Peaches Automotive. Her boyfriend Dusty isn’t as interested in the straight life and instead bootlegs moonshine with his suped up ride. Vivian Stark is the local crime kingpin, and she has had eyes on The Georgia Peaches for a long time. When she finally makes a proposition to buy them out, in order to fill the car yard with stolen vehicles, Sue Lynn turns her down and sprays her car down with oil. Sue Lynn’s sister, Lorette (played by real life country singing legend Tanya Tucker), has just made it in from Nashville after her singing career has recently began to take off. The family reunion has to be put on hold however, as the group is set-up by the evil Vivian Stark who has planted both stolen vehicles and moonshine on their property. Dusty, Sue Lynn and Lorette are carried off to jail but are then miraculously bailed out by an unknown entity. It turns out that treasury agent Randolph Dukane (played by veteran actor Lane Smith) was the one who provided the bail money, but in order to beat this wrap the group will have to go undercover within the criminal underworld of counterfeit cigarettes which are being carried over state lines. Will The Georgia Peaches manage to find a way out of this mess?