Hey everybody, the Kung Fu Christmas festivities have come to a close… but we still have a few reviews at Varied Celluloid that are in desperate need of posting! It has been too long since Varied Celluloid has featured any new pinky violence titles, so today we take a look at Girl Boss Blues: Queen Bee’s Counterattack! Remember, click on the artwork in order to read the full review!

The Plot: Girl Boss Blues: Queen Bee’s Counterattack begins with Reiko (Reiko Ike) setting up a salaryman in order to blackmail him. When the businessman isn’t looking, she places two girls in the trunk of his car while she proceeds to seduce him. She leads him to a love motel with the hopes of knocking him out and stealing all of his money. This introduces us to Reiko’s gang, known as the Athens gang, before they head out and try to steal another vehicle. Reiko’s group is then extorted by a motorbike gang who demand that the girls take a ride with them. These ruffians attack the girls, but they are soon rescued by a friendly yakuza named Jiro who knows Reiko very well. Afterward we meet young Yuko, a high school girl who wants to join Reiko’s gang. After her initiation, which involves popping her own cherry, Yuko is a full member of the group and is soon being taken care of by Reiko. However, when the group runs into trouble with a local yakuza syndicate, Jiro stands out as their only hope for survival. Unfortunately, both Yuko and Reiko have developed feelings for the young man.