Gomorrah Review


Aug 14, 2009

Say guys, finally back with a fresh review! Like I’ve said previously, it’s been kind of tough getting to do anything here lately due to my living quarters – however, I do have this review and one for Roman’s already done which I will be posting in the next couple of days. Anyway, for those unaware – Gomorrah has been making a name for itself here lately as one of the best crime films to come along in quite some time. I can’t say I argue against that point. Check out my review for a look at this great piece of modern Italian cinema.

The Plot: Gomorrah is a reference to both the biblical cities of Sodom & Gomorrah, as may have guessed, and the “Camorra” the criminal organization that this film is about. The Camorra may not be as infamous as their better known counterparts La Cosa Nostra, but they’re every bit as vicious and have killed more than any criminal organization in the past thirty years. Gomorrah takes place at the street level, dealing with several stories all connected by the characters and their ties to the Camorra. Such as a man who’s job it is to visit the projects and hand out paychecks to various tenants on a daily basis, but who is running into trouble when a rival faction decides to start cracking down on his job. Another story revolves around a designer who is invited to come teach at a Chinese textile mill in order to help their own bootlegging business – this goes against the Camorra’s own bootlegging outfit. Two of the other stories the film shows how children are affected by the rampant crime and the insanity laid in front of their eyes on a daily basis. Gomorrah is a film that defines crime in a gritty and brutally violent way.