What up everybody! Got some new stuff, including a new user submitted review from Jon Jung – a guy who really knows his stuff when it comes to genre related cinema. His review for Lifeforce is also a great read so I highly recommend it to everybody. Hopefully you all have a good time and enjoy the latest!


Beast With A Gun – A classic bit of Italian Crime, as we take on an epic character study of two men who are aiming to destroy one another. One must go down, if they both don’t. That sort of thing. Fun, inventive and pushing the action from the very first scene until the end. Definitely check this one out!

Heat After Dark – Ryuhei Kitamura’s, director of Versus and Azumi, first feature film – and it’s pretty good! Kitamura is a director you’ll either really like or you won’t though, so if you didn’t like the style of Versus then this might not appeal to you. Features that same low budget “cool” that Versus did, only without the zombies or gore. However, if you’re a fan of his for his cinematic work and not just the wicked cool gore – you should dig on this.

Lifeforce (Reviewed by Jon Jung) – My good friend Jon provides his thoughts on this Tobe Hooper scifi classic. People are naked, there’s some crazy 80’s special FX work – why wouldn’t you want to check it out?

Mean Johnny Barrows – I am of the opinion that Fred “The Hammer” Williamson is one of the most underrated action stars of all time – right up there with Patrick Swayze (no, I’m not kidding on that) and I can’t help it but I really enjoyed this mafia yarnd – directed by the man himself.


Django – The Spaghetti Western classic is back on Varied Celluloid! I’m always happy to get my reviews back up for classic flicks such as this one. It has been a while since I read my review for it, so I may have slaughtered my chance at displaying how great of a film that it really is – but hopefully I did well enough in the eyes of the fans!

Demon, The (Reviewed By Prof. Aglaophotis) – I hope Aggy is doing well these days, haven’t heard from him in a while, sometimes its fun just to go back and read through some of his awesome reviews. The Demon is a flick that even Aglaophotis felt little sympathy for, and he’s a very fair guy so you know you screwed up when making it if Aggy says you did!

Detroit 9000 (Reviewed By Sebastian Haselbeck) – Sebastian from The Tarantino Archives submitted this review back in the day for this exploitation classic. Sebastian now helps out with both the Spaghetti Western Database as well as the Grindhouse Movie Database, so you can trust him!

Devonsville Terror, The (Reviewed by Prof. Aglaophotis) – With a name like The Devonsville Terror, do you even need a catchline or anything like that? It markets itself! Prof. Aglaophotis seems to enjoy it as well, so I’d definitely say it’s worth checking out some time!

So that looks like it will do it for another update. I’m trying out new features with wordpress right now, really looking for something to import IMDB information into the reviews so I can get a cast/writer/director feature going without having to manually put it all in for every review. It’st stuff like that on the old site that burned me out so bad. Anyway, hope all is cool and don’t forget to check out the forums!

— Josh Samford