Great White Review


Apr 16, 2009

Here we are everybody, back in just a short few days with some Enzo G. Castellari goodness… or badness, kind of depends on how you look at it. Great White is a movie I took in recently that immediately jumped into my list of favorite exploitation flicks. Not because it is a fantastic or touching feature, but surely one of the most entertaining. Sometimes because of how bad it is, but it’s just too silly and over the top not to have strong feelings for. Check out the review and tell me you don’t want any part in this action. Also, keep on the lookout here at VC, I have some big plans for it and several reviews to post up that I’m just giving some breathing room to.

The Plot: Within a coastal New England town, things begin to go a bit awry as a para-sailing competition is just around the corner. However, one of the best entries in the competition goes missing in the water. The only thing that is found of him is half of his board, bitten in two. A local man, who’s daughter was on the beach watching the missing teen, takes it upon himself to join up with a grizzled fisherman (Vic Morrow) to track down the beast at large, however the local mayor refuses to close the beaches (bet this is sounding kind of familiar about right now) due to the competition bringing in a lot of visitors and not wanting to disappoint. They attempt to ensure the safety of the sailors by placing up shark-proof netting around the beach to ensure the great white won’t ruin all the fun. Guess what? Our shark ruins all the fun. After snacking on a few teens, our every-man and his fisherman pal decide to take some action against the beast – but will this fish out-smart them all? I’m betting yes, but that’s just me.

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