Hello all! If previous “Halloween Horror” celebrations have been about celebrating the mainstream horror films that Varied Celluloid rarely recognizes, this season may be all about the “in-between” horror titles. Is it fair to call Robotrix a horror film? Probably not, but it has horror elements and that makes it fair enough game for me. It also features some very uncomfortable rape, so of course it should fit right in here on Varied Celluloid’s Halloween Horrors!

The Plot: The evil scientist Yamamoto (Billy Chow) is out to prove something to the rest of the scientific world. After years of relegation within the scientific community, he wants to show that he is the top scientific mind in the world of robotics. To do this, he transmits his mind into a robot’s body. With this new body, he has an over abundance of power and he decides to put it to good use! He immediately begins frequenting prostitutes to demonstrate his new vitality and goes to work attacking his competitors with his tremendous martial skills! While attacking a foreign diplomat, Yamamoto kills dedicated police officer Sara (Chikako Aoyama) who is beloved by nearly everyone on the force. At the same time that Sara is gunned down, the police are sent a video tape of Yammamoto’s transformation and they take it to another top professor in the field of robotics. This professor decides that the only way to fight Yamamoto now is to take another human mind and transfer it into the body of a robot, and Sara’s mind is the perfect candidate. So now Sara, the professor and her assistant (played by Amy Yip) must defeat this evil scientist once and for all!