It’s about time I reviewed a non-Argento Giallo for this month, wouldn’t you say so? Here we are with a rather bizarre and perplexing piece of Giallo cinema to boot! Come for the razor wielding killer, stay for the monstrous gorilla! Read on and discover Seven Deaths in the Cat’s Eye

The Plot: Our film begins with an anonymous killer murdering a member of the MacGrieff family, a very wealthy family who have a massive castle located in Scotland. Our story then introduces us to Corringa, the beautiful and youngest of the MacGrieff family who is on vacation from school. We watch as she arrives home to visit her mother and aunt Mary, but soon finds herself wrapped up in a very dark mystery. Within the house is Suzanne, the bisexual and incredibly beautiful French teacher who tutors the black sheep of the family James. James is Corringa’s cousin and is generally considered a mad man by the majority of those around him. The story is that he killed his baby sister when he was but a boy! As bodies start to pile up, Corringa is caught up in a whirlwind of questions. What is that gorilla doing staring at her through the window? Who is the killer and does the slightly crazy James have something to do with this? Also, what is going on with Corringa’s uncle and the slutty Suzanne? As she digs into these mysteries she finds that the MacGrief family has a curse upon it. It is said that any time a MacGrieff is killed by another blood relative, they are allowed to come back as a vampire and be avenged by themselves or another member of the family! Is this all just hocus pocus/mumbo jumbo, or is that precisely what is going on in the MacGrieff household right now?

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