Hey guys! Better late than never, right? Just a wee bit late in the day on this one, but I haven’t forgotten the Halloween Horrors! Today we have a minor classic from Lucio Fulci’s catalog and also one of the last films he ever made! Door Into Silence really shocked me, but you’ll have to read on to find out why!

The Plot: Melvin Devereux (John Savage) is a realtor visiting New Orleans for his father’s funeral. Immediately afterward he runs into a strange woman who says that the two have met before and that they will meet again in the near future. Aggravated and confused, Melvin heads down the road to the highway that leads to his home in Abbeville. He soon runs into trouble however as the exit is closed off. This leads him on a path off the main road where he has a chance encounter with a hearse that is apparently driven by a mad man! The driver doesn’t let Melvin pass and swerves on both sides of the road in order to deliberately block him. However, Melvin notices something in the back of the hearse: a heap of flowers with a ribbon wrapped around them bearing his own name. As Melvin finds all roads that lead to Abbeville are blocked at every turn, this hearse continues to haunt him and his own curiosity is eating away at him. Who is the mysterious driver and who is this strange woman following him around in a red sports-car?

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