Some time this week I plan on releasing two episodes per day for a few days. The goal is to reach 31 reviews before next Sunday. Do you think it can be done? I do! Especially when I have a little help from my friends! Prof. Aglaophotis submits his review for the immortal Last House on Dead End Street, which I highly recommend you read!

The Plot: Terrance ‘Terry’ Hawkins is an ex-porn film director who has been screwed-over by distributors Steve Randall and Jim Palmer; as a result, Terry tried to make ends meet through drug trafficking, but was jailed for it. Once he’s let out, Terry decides to follow what his consciousness says while simultaneously get back at Steve and Jim… by making Snuff Films. Once Terry finds a building to shoot in, he assembles a team of psychos including runaways Pat and Kathy, his hobbyist cameraman Bill and his good slaughter house foreman friend and film distributor Ken. He then plans on luring Steve, Jim and whoever else they can get into the building so they can be the next unwilling actors in his movies. What kind of horrors will Terry unleash and film as he directs scene after scene of murder?

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