I had plans of holding off on this until Halloween day, but I just couldn’t contain myself! Also, I have a lot of graphic editing to complete the other reviews that are ready to be posted… so Trick ‘R Treat, you’re up next!

The Plot: Trick ‘R Treat is a anthology film that covers five different stories and takes place over one Halloween night in Warren Valley, Ohio. A young married couple head home after a night of Halloween partying, but soon find out that it is always better to leave their Jack O’ Lanterns burning until the clock strikes midnight. The local school principal shows off his darker side as he treats a young boy to a poisoned treat and he must then dispose of the body without being caught by his neighbors or his own son. At the big Halloween bash in the middle of town a young virginal girl, on the search for a boy to take her to a Halloween party, is slowly stalked by a man who may just be a vampire. A group of kids gather up Jack O’ Lanterns in order to head down to the local rock quarry in order to summon forth the ghosts of several mentally handicapped children who were drowned in the water below the quarry, many Halloweens before. In our final story we follow a crabby old man that hates Halloween who finds out just why the season should be celebrated… because the young pumpkinheaded creature child Sam will come for you if you do not! All five stories are connected through various cameos and editing techniques and all tell the story of one very dark and horrifying night!

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