I had heard all of the warnings. I had heard it was terrible. I had heard that it had no story to it whatsoever… but I just had to check it out for myself. Today I offer you my review for the Japanese splatter-fest Grotesque. Read on and see what I thought!

The Plot: This film may have the shortest plot summary of any movie gracing the pages of Varied Celluloid, so I’ll try and spruce it up as much as I can. A young man and woman, while walking home from their first date, are smashed over the head and abducted by a psychotic surgeon. He chains them up facing one another, sticks a ball gag in their mouth and proceeds to torture and mutilate them. He explains that he gains sexual arousal through the act of watching others fight for their lives and he promises them that if they can help him reach his sexual goal they will both be allowed to leave. The question then becomes will this psycho reach his goal while these two are still alive? Tune in and find out!

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