Back once again with more Halloween Horror! Returning once again with another piece of gold from the Friday the 13th series, this second film in the trilogy may very well be one of my absolute favorites. It essentially establishes everything that the Friday series would come to be known for, while also carving (pun very much intended) out an outrageously fun time.

The Plot: Moving just up the road from camp Crystal Lake, our story focuses on a counselor training camp for young people. Having many who have served as counselor’s before, the team is a tight knit group of young people looking to party down. As is the case with almost every Friday film. However, things get spooky once the teens find out about the myth of Jason Voorhees, who was never found after the incidents of the first film and Ralph the drunk shows up once again to tell everyone that they are indeed DOOMED! On a night meant for partying down and getting loose, the mysterious presence in the woods who has been keeping an eye on the young counselors decides to strike out against them! Who will survive this massacre?