Hey guys, back with possibly my last review for October. Although I would like to get one more in before the big day, I’m just not sure if I can make that happen. Since I’m crunching to finish my Rogue Cinema reviews, my time should be taken up over the next few days. However, who knows! Anything can happen! So here we are again with more Jason madness. Chronologically going through the series has been fun and brings back a ton of memories. It’s been interesting trying to dissect these flicks and explain just why I like them. Not an easy task when you’re defending rather basic slashers, but within their context there’s actually a lot of things going on. So, without further blathering, here is my review for Friday 3!

The Plot: In this sequel to the Friday the 13th series we start where we left off last time, with Jason Voorhees escaping from the scene of the crime. Once again we’re a little up the road from camp Crystal Lake at another neighboring camp site, with a brand new series of teenagers just aching to be slaughtered. It doesn’t take long for Jason to find the kids and start picking them off one by one. Will these kids wise up and find a way out of this terrifying situation or will they all be hacked up in memory of mommy dearest.