I’m throwing this together from out of my rear end, but realizing that we’ve actually entered October through to the halfway point I came to the conclusion that I absolutely HAVE to make with the horror! I did a Halloween Horror special a couple of years back and I want to bring it back even it it’s only a minuscule version this year. With this concept in mind, hopefully this year will mark the final return of A Very Kung Fu Christmas. It’s about time! My first horror flick of the month is a literal classic. Friday the 13th. I want to do my best to actually review the entire series for the site here, since if I’m going to commit to one I might as well commit to the series. So, I hope everyone enjoys and keep checking back!

The Plot: In 1957 at a north eastern day camp for young boys and girls called Camp Crystal Lake, a young boy named Jason drowned while swimming. This caused much outrage and anger within the community, as it was the fault of the camp counselors who were off making love while the young boy met his doom. One year later however, two camp counselors were found brutally murdered in a cabin where they had wandered off to in order to make out. This caused the camp to close permanently and seemed to spell the doom for Camp Crystal Lake. Several years later however, Steve Christy has bought the camp and soon plans to re-open it. Along with Alice, the two have been renovating the camp in order to make it safe and have invited several other young people along to act as counsellors in the no doubt soon to be bustling camp. However, as everyone is getting unpacked on this Friday the 13th, strange things start to happen. As the rainy night begins to lumber along, slowly people start to come up missing. There’s a killer on the loose, but who could it be?