Halloween Horror is back! I’ll be doing my best this month to try and pack in as many horror reviews as I possibly can. I’m thinking that from now on I’ll make Halloween Horror a festival of less obscure fare. More obvious classics that I normally wouldn’t review, due to my tremendous respect for them and their popularity. Although the film reviewed today doesn’t seem as popular today as it once was, I hope I can remind a few how amazing a film it really is. For those who have yet to see Salem’s Lot? You’d better track this one down pronto! Perfect for Halloween!

The Plot: In the small Maine town of Salem’s Lot two strangers have recently arrived. Straker, who has moved into the large mansion on the outside of town and moved his small antiquities store on main street and Ben Mears (played by David Soul) who is a successful writer originally from Salem’s Lot who has been drawn back to the town by The Marsten House the very mansion that Straker has moved into. This house acts as a magnet for evil men, due to it’s own innate evil presence. Although he’s the only one who believes this at first, it becomes clear soon enough that Straker isn’t exactly what he claims to be. His partner “Barlow”, who has supposedly been on vacation the entire time that Straker has been in Salem’s lot still hasn’t made an appearance and now small children are beginning to come up missing. These actions replicate an incident that happened at the mansion years ago and from where it got it’s reputation. Unknown to the townspeople, but Mr. Barlow is a vampire lord and they are doomed to become his feast. Will this town succumb to the evil or Barlow or will there be anyone left to fight back?