Here we are everybody, the last horror review of this Halloween Horror event! It wasn’t as special this time around as last years. I didn’t even realize I should be doing anything special until about mid-month so I feel a little guilty. However, I plan on more than making up for it this December as I finally bring back the Kung Fu Christmas. My martial arts holiday event. I hope you’ll all stick around and enjoy the future martial mayhem coming your way! I know I’ll enjoy dishing it out! For the last Halloween effort though, here’s a rather special review of

The Plot: Sally Hardesty (Marilyn Burns) is traveling across Texas with her friends and brother to check on the grave of her grandmother, which has been recently desecrated by grave-robbers. When they arrive and find there’s very little they can do, they decide to head back but the only gas station around has no fuel to offer. So the group decides instead to stop in at Sally’s family’s home to see what the old place looks like. It’s a run down shack at this point, as they moved away when Sally was very young, but it has apparently had some visitors in it throughout the years as the animal bone designs that pattern the house would suggest. When the group starts to split up, a few of them find an old house down the trail in the backyard. Their first thoughts are to see if there is gas that the group could possibly buy off of them, but this house is nothing they want to get involved with. A crazed family of cannibals lives there, with the psychotic Leatherface leading the charge with his whirring chainsaw blade. This family is mad… and hungry.