Has it really been a year? While many things have happened since our last Halloween Horror celebration, it honestly doesn’t feel like it has been a full year. Yet, here we are! If you aren’t familiar, every year here on Varied Celluloid we try to celebrate Halloween with as many horror movie themed reviews as we possibly can. Last year we did 31 reviews, one for each day of the month. As you can guess, this is easily our busiest month of the year!

As always though, we here at Varied Celluloid are backed up to our ears and the posts will come as quickly as possible, but you can count on some extreme activity here on the site in the weeks ahead! There are already seven other reviews written and it shouldn’t be long before they start popping up on the site!

For today we have our first entry into the celebration, a really surprising giallo/home invasion hybrid from Enzo Castellari! Give it a look, it may just make it into your Halloween events!

The Plot: Peter Flower (Gianni Garko) is a young lawyer having a fun night out on the town. He meets up with the sultry Anna (Giovanna Ralli) who agrees to accompany him to bed, but first he must procure somewhere nice and quiet before so that they can enjoy their rendezvous. He decides that his uncle’s place, Judge Juez Flower (Fernando Rey), would be perfect, so he calls up the Judge’s butler and convinces him to leave for a couple of hours. Unknown to Peter, the butler is murdered almost immediately after their phone conversation ends. His murderer is a young dark haired man named Quill (Julián Mateos) who has hidden intentions. When Peter and Anna show up at the house, they eventually find the butler… as well as Quill. Now they must discover both what Quill is hiding from them as well as what Peter’s own uncle might be hiding as well.