That’s right everyone, the season has officially kicked off! The Halloween Horrors are upon us and we here at Varied Celluloid are ready to rock and roll out the content! First up is a review that I actually meant to post last year but unfortunately didn’t have the time before the month was up. I’ve went back and re-edited everything in order to keep it more in tune with my recent cinematic experiences. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it and make sure to keep checking back because I will be posting up a lot of content this month!

The Plot: Mike is a 13 year old boy having to deal with the death of his parents. Jody, his twenty-something brother has been thrown into the uncomfortable position of having to raise the boy. Mike fears that Jody will flee from his responsibility and leave him to fend for himself and although Jody has dealt with certain fears of responsibility, he loves his little brother and will look after him. Jody spends the majority of his days hanging out with his good friend Reggie, the local ice cream man who plays music with Jody. These three good friends are about to embark upon a horrifying journey that they never could have imagined! After Mike witnesses the local mortician, referred to only as “The Tall man”, picking up a fully loaded coffin by himself and throwing it in the back of his hearse he becomes suspicious about all of the missing persons cases that have been popping up. Mike sets out to find just how this “Tall Man” is linked to the missing locals and where he comes from. Along the way he convinces Reggie and Jody to come along for the ride and thus the final confrontation is set in stone as this group of average Joe’s look to take on the forces of evil!

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