The spooky fun continues on here at Varied Celluloid! Today we delve in the creepy, however, not so much the “spooky.” Today is the CAT III classic Diary of a Serial Killer which may change the way you forever look at firecrackers! Give it a look by clicking on the movie poster!

The Plot: Bill (Chan Kwok-bong) is your everyday sort of fellow. He has a wife, child and enjoys his own private time. Unfortunately for all of his neighbors, his private time revolves mostly around the killing of prostitutes. Within Bill’s deep past, he was humiliated by female officers within a prison sentence that he served as a young man. Now Bill looks to strike out and take his revenge on any member of the opposite sex that he finds to be immoral. Bill figures, as any good Buddhist would, the best way for a low-standing individual to attain a quality reincarnation would be for their lives to be taken in the most brutal and horrid fashion possible. So, Bill searches the streets at night looking for his next victim. His world is turned upside down, however, when his wife’s niece comes to live with his family. The young girl becomes Bill’s latest fascination and he will do anything to be with her… Anything!