I never promised that these were all going to be GOOD horror movies, right? Heck, if I promised that these were all going to be strict “horror” movies, then I must apologize! Cannibal Campout may be a fairly by the numbers horror movie, but it is far from good! Shot on video and proud, take a look at the review to see just how much I enjoyed my time with this classic piece of 80s trash.

The Plot: Cannibal Campout is the story of four college students who head out into the woods for a weekend of camping. However, the kids run into trouble before the partying can even begin. The location that they have chosen for their camp-site also happens to be centered in the same area as a deranged family of lunatic cannibals who regularly hunt human beings for their food. This group of three brothers quickly spot the college teens, and soon enough they are making food out of anyone who wanders off into the woods alone. Can this group manage to escape the woods or will they inevitably wind up as dinner.