October keeps chugging along and so do we! Varied Celluloid’s Halloween Horrors marathon won’t stop kids, so dig into it! Up next is a review from our good friend Prof. Aglaophotis, who decided to take on some Video Nasty fun! Check out his review for The Toolbox Murders and remember to keep checking back, because we already have many other reviews lined up and waiting!

The Plot: Trouble of some disturbing proportions is brewing in Los Angeles. An apartment complex is suddenly rocked by three vicious murders: in one night, three women in the apartment are killed by a man in leather and a ski mask, using the contents of his toolbox in order to get the deeds done. After one night passes however, residents Joey and his sister Laurie get involved after the amorous young neighbor below them is nail-gunned and Laurie is kidnapped. As the police attempt to figure out who did it, Joey and acquaintance/nephew of the apartment owner Kent start doing their own detective work in an attempt to find Laurie. But as the clues unravel in front of our protagonists, none of them will be prepared for the consequences.

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