Hey all, we’re continuing on with our Halloween celebrations! Today, we take a step back into the wonderful world of Eurocult sleaze and this time it is under the helm of maestro Umberto Lenzi! Although this isn’t his very best film, it is certainly a entertaining title. Definitely check it out!

The Plot: While on a trip to Spain, a bus full of tourists stop off to have a quick look-see around the city. However, when one of these tourists turns up stabbed multiple times and with one eyeball missing, the entire group is forced to hang around while the mystery is sorted out. As members of the group start to die one by one, the tourists become distrustful of one another and they begin to search for the killer. Could it be the priest who suspiciously went to the hospital in order to visit one of the victims? Maybe its the woman with mud on her shoes who was caught washing them off after a murder took place in a similar mudpit? Could it be Mark’s ex-wife, who is supposed to be back at home due to a violent mental breakdown? Only time will tell. As the violence escalates, our killer, who dons a red raincoat that covers his/her body, remains on the prowl for fresh new eyeballs.