Unfortunately things are running behind with Varied Celluloid right now, but believe this: we have a lot more to go! Today we have another classic Umberto Lenzi directed giallo in the form of Spasmo. Well, “classic” might be a bit of a stretch. Regardless, here it is for your enjoyment!

The Plot: After a young couple show up for a quick makeout session on the beach, they discover a corpse laying just a few yards down from their current destination. When they inspect the young woman lying face-down they discover that she isn’t really actually dead at all, but has only passed out. The two run into this strange and alluring woman once again at a boat-party later in the evening. It is here that Christian (Robert Hoffman) ditches his current girlfriend and tries to bed this mysterious blonde from the beach. When the two find a hotel room, a strange gentleman breaks in and quickly instigates a knife-fight with Christian. During the battle, Christian accidentally kills this stranger in self defense. Afterwards, Christian and his blonde lover flee due to fear, but they are soon picked up by Alex. Alex is a strange man who seems heavily involved in this nefarious plot, but gives no motivations or clues. Christian and his lover do not stick around long though and they are soon wrapped up in a broad conspiracy that will baffle both Christian and any potential audience member watching at home.