We just keep on moving here at Varied Celluloid! The Halloween Horrors continue with Dario Argento’s classic Tenebre! This is actually a re-write of my old review, but VERY LITTLE from that review was actually used. Maybe a few lines here and there. Upon rewatching the film again, some very new doors opened up to me and I took even more from the film which has always been in contention for one of my favorite Italian horrors of all time.

The Plot: Peter Neal (Anthony Franciosa) is a successful mystery author stopping into Rome to promote his new book Tenebre and also making a sidetrip to visit his good friend and personal agent, Bullmer (John Saxon). Once settled in, Pete gets some bad news: It turns out there has been a murder and there seems to be a few ties with his latest book in the small details of the crime, but even more substantial the murdered woman also had several pages from “Tenebre” shoved down her throat. Turns out this detective who has come to see Peter was right in his instincts, because Peter receives a letter from the killer. The police ask Peter to stick around a while until all of this is settled. So as you might suspect, Peter begins playing detective himself. People are dying left and right, more letters arrive and Peter even thinks he has seen his wife driving around Rome. Something is up and Peter is going to solve this mystery one way or another.

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