Six days straight here in the Halloween Horrors and there appears to be no stopping! This will, without question, be the most active month in Varied Celluloid history and if things continue we may be celebrating the highest month of visitors! Here’s hoping for that! Anyway, I give you a review for the infamous Troma title Mother’s Day! Definitely worth checking out and reading!

The Plot: Abby, Jackie and Trina are three close friends from school who went by the nickname The Rat Pack. The three are looking to celebrate their ten year reunion since graduating from college, bored with their daily lives they look to head out into the woods and have a miniature camping adventure! Unknown to them however, these woods hold a dark secret. A family unlike most, who like to kidnap and then torture young girls! Lead by the psychotic Mother, her two sons Ike and Addley demonstrate their power on a regular basis by picking up girls in the woods and bringing them back to their home and forcing them to take part in strange bits of makeshift theater on their front lawn before raping and then murdering them. While camping out our girls are ambushed by Ike and Addley who bring them back to their home and tie them to pieces of exercise equipment. These girls will have to survive the night and then figure a way out of this horrifying situation, but will they be able to do it or will they simply turn into additional heads kept like trophies in this psychotic home?

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