Hey everybody, today we have a review from our good friend Prof. Aglaophotis! Long time contributor to Varied Celluloid and all around swell guy! He takes on Soavi’s StageFright with gusto and determination! Now have a read!

The Plot: On an American stage, a surrealist play called The Night Owl is rehearsed by Peter Colins, a pretentious and conceited but artistically talented director. When one of the actresses, Alicia Alvarez, sprains her ankle on stage, she’s taken to a hospital for some quick treatment against Peter’s knowledge on the grounds that Peter would not let her go anyways. Once there though, Alicia and her friend Betty discover that a famous serial killer ex-actor, Irving Wallace, is being treated there. Upon seeing Alicia, Irving devises a way to escape from the hospital undetected and follow the two back to the play house. After murdering Betty, Irving disappears and the cast retreats back to their homes after the tragedy. However, Peter and his accountant Jack Ferrari devise a way to keep the rehearsal going. Desperate to make his play a hit, Peter locks a select group of his performers in the play house in order to practice a new, revised script based on the recent murder just outside the building. However, as the crew get into their new roles, Irving reveals to have holed himself up in the theater and intends to bathe the stage in the blood of the actors.

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