Back again for some Halloween Horrors! Today I take on the Italian horror-comedy classic Cemetery Man. Over time I had forgotten how great this movie is, and I doubt I’ll ever forget again. Read on to go over my ravings!

The Plot: Francesco Dellamorte (Rupert Everett) is the local caretaker at a cemetery that operates under very different rules than what you might be accustomed to. You see, the dead do not simply rest here at this cemetery. Instead, they all seem to rise up from the grave shortly after they are buried. Francesco’s life has become an endless series of death which has turned him into a being of apathy towards life and all of humanity. His life begins to change whenever She (Anna Falchi) walks into his life. A woman who has recently lost her husband and has him buried in Dellamorte’s cemetery, Francesco is immediately smitten with her. He ultimately finds her weakness in their shared infatuation with death and soon enough the two are making love in the graveyard. When her husband comes back from the grave and bites her, their love affair is brought to an instant close as she dies shortly from her wounds. Francesco is known for his impotency and this drives the police to look for the young woman’s killer elsewhere. Now Francesco must deal with his loneliness, grief, hatred of the living and the loneliness that his helper Gnaghi unfortunately lives with.

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