Hey all! I am really sorry that this took so long, but if you’ve visited the site over the past few days you surely noticed the virus that had attacked the web page. Fortunately, I feel confident that I know what the problem was and have put an end to it. However, that leaves us with a little over ten days left in the Halloween season and a ton of work to get to! Yeesh, with no further blathering, I present our latest review: Death Weekend!

The Plot: Our film begins with a playboy oral surgeon named Harry (Chuck Shamata) driving down the back roads of a small country area. His partner for this ride is the young and beautiful model Diane (Brenda Vaccaro), who shares his love for all things automotive. After he allows the young woman to take the wheel of his sports car, they really start to pick up some speed. As they rev the engine, another muscle car comes driving along their side. The car is filled with four punks who hang out their window and make lude gestures while trying to antagonize these would-be lovers. When the couple manage to out maneuver the punks, this gang looks to exact revenge in the most heinous way possible. This motley crew eventually finds where this dentist lives and they capture our two protagonists with the intent of torturing them the entire weekend. However, the tables are easily turned in situations such as this one and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.