The Plot: George Tatum, a patient in a mental asylum, regularly suffers horrific nightmares linked to a traumatic incident during his childhood. In an effort to modify George’s behaviour and control his psychotic episodes his doctors have used an experimental treatment program.
Outwardly George responds well enough to the treatment to be released back into society, but inwardly George is still tormented by violent flashbacks. A visit to a sleazy sex show is the catalyst for another of George’s episodes, driving him over the edge for good.

Fleeing New York, George passes through South Carolina, where he follows a stranger home from a bar and viciously murders her, kick-starting a brutal killing spree. The increasingly unhinged George moves on to Florida where he becomes obsessed with one particular family who seem to hold some deep significance for him. With the asylum’s doctors and the authorities desperately trying to hunt him down can George be apprehended before the body count rises further?

Hey everyone! We have another contributed review for the Halloween Horrors celebration, this from the brilliant Neil Mitchell who discusses the grim and morbid Nightmares in a Damaged Brain! Definitely give this one a read!

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