The Plot: Our story begins with an elderly woman, kept up in her massive castle all by herself. We follow her on her daily ritual as she grabs her whip and heads to the basement where we discover a beaten and disfigured man lays in wait. She proceeds to whip the man while he sobs. Taking her bloody whip with her, we watch as this woman dies in her bed. We skip forward a few days as we meet John Riley (Jeffrey Combs) and his wife Susan (Barara Crampton), who are notified that this strange woman was indeed John’s long lost Dutchess relative and she has left the castle to him. So John and Susan have packed up their bags and taken their recently blinded daughter Rebecca out to this foreign country in order to investigate the castle with the hopes of selling it as soon as possible. Inner turmoil is rife, as Susan and John are on the outs because the tragic death of their son and the vision impairment of their daughter was caused by John who had been drinking and driving with the kids in the car. He is now haunted by this horrible incident within his dreams and Susan can’t seem to forgive him. On the first night in their new castle, John overhears some howling within the castle. The sounds of a tortured man whaling can be heard and young Rebecca swears she has felt the presence of someone in her room with her when no one could have been. What will be the end result of this monster being loose within this castle?

If I can help it, I think I would really like to get 31 reviews posted this month. Does that seem impossible? Well, yes, but I sure am going to do my best to get there! I hope everyone is in the Halloween mood and enjoying the reviews! Keep checking back daily for more!

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