We just keep on plugging along! I have many other reviews stacked away for right now, but today I present another piece of Dario Argento’s catalog! One of the Animals Trilogy, it is a giallo with a lot of history and is worth searching out for fans of his work.

The Plot: Franco Arno (Karl Malden) is a blind man who lives with a little orphan girl in Rome. Arno has been blind for many years now following an accident, but being an ex-newspaper reporter he is a man of curiosity. When walking home one night, he curiously asks his daughter-like helper who the person parked in front of their building is. She tells him what the driver looks like but says another man is in the car, but his face is hidden in shadows. When they get upstairs, Arno goes to his puzzles while the little girl sleeps. He overhears some loud noises only to find the neighboring building has been burglarized. Apparently this building is a research center for human genetics, for people who are trying to fight against birth defects and other such abnormalities. Arno as well as reporter Carlo Giordani both find the burglary a bit odd, as it appears nothing was stolen. However, there is one man who realizes why the building was broken into – and after confessing his knowledge to a coworker, he agrees to meet the culprit at a train station. Once there, the villain throws the man in front of a moving train and ends his life. The next day Arno’s helper sees the man in the newspaper – it’s the same man in the car in front of their building the night of the burglary! Arno then joins up with Carlo, and the two decide to figure just what is going on and just who is responsible for this murder… and the others that are soon to come.

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