The Halloween Horror train keeps rolling along! Not even a disruptive virus could shut us down! Today, we look at the recent Japanese horror The Slit Mouthed Woman which is notable for being based upon a very popular urban legend within Japan.

The Plot: Our story takes place primarily at an elementary school within Japan, where the story of “the slit-mouthed woman” has come back into popularity with the youth. The original story seems to be that the slit mouthed woman is indeed just that, a woman whose mouth has been slit from one cheek to the other. She often appears wearing a long white coat and a surgical mask over her face, and then asks “Am I pretty?” Afterward she kidnaps her victims and then cuts their faces to look like her own, with her primary weapon being a large pair of scissors. In the context of our story, it seems that after a relatively large earthquake the slit mouthed woman’s rest has been disturbed and she arises to torment all of the young people within Japan. Our story focuses on several people in the surrounding area, including two teachers, who must confront this evil spirit. Will they figure a way to stop the evil slit mouthed woman? And who exactly is she?