So, we have now left the comfortable world of Japan and are now entering into slightly unfamiliar territory! Today we cover our first film from Portugal, and it just so happens to be a horror film. Enjoy the Varied Celluloid review for Blood Curse! Remember to click the cover art in order to read the full review.

The Plot: Xavier (Adriano Luz), a professor of sorts, is at a very strange point in his life. A midlife crisis of sorts, Xavier manages to convince his wife Helena (Manuela Couto) and kids to movie away from the city life of Lisbon and take up a new life in an inherited home in the backwoods of Portugal. His family relationships could certainly use some work, and this may be the most opportune time. The oldest son is ready to break away and decides to stay in Lisbon in order to complete college, the youngest son is a bit of a loner who is trying to overcome his fear of the dark, and their teenage daughter feels like a black sheep ever since having a child out of wedlock. Slightly more frightening than all of this family life drama, this strange new community is rife with mystical rumors. The people in this small town believe that the home that Xavier and his family have just moved into may be haunted, and rumors of werewolves and witchery has the small family on edge. Within this new dream home the family find themselves stumbling across strange sights and eerie noises, but what could cause such a haunting? Xavier and his wife Helena will soon find out that this small town has a past that is more haunted than their new home.