Even though our good friend Prof. Aglaophotis already submitted a review for this one, I decided to give it a spin myself and being that it is the time for Halloween Horrors I just had to give it my own take!

The Plot: After a meteorite crashes into the woods near a nice suburban neighborhood, two campers discover the wreckage where something sinister lurks. A creature from another world has wrecked into our planet and is looking to turn us into its primary source of protein! This creature looks like a small snake that replicates at an alarming rate and seems to grow whenever it touches water. These creatures stumble into the home of Pete and Charles, two brothers growing up with their parents and uncle/aunt. The Spawn finds its way into their basement where it takes nourishment in the massive water leak that has flooded this cellar. When the parents eventually make a trip down to the basement, the Spawn strikes out and devours them both. Now Charles, who is a horror movie fanatic in his young pre-teen years, must discover the secret to destroying these monstrous creatures. While Charles studies this monstrosity, his older brother Pete and his friends (who are all science geeks) discover a tiny offspring of the Spawn and try to uncover just what it is with modern science. Modern science won’t help them however, as this creature is far beyond what we can imagine and its limits are endless. Beware, The Deadly Spawn!

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