Ahh, unlucky number thirteen! How very Halloween it all seems! Well, today we present another title from Tartan in the form of The Hillside Stranglings. A surprisingly deranged serial killer study, this one could very well surprise you in the lengths that it takes to shock its audience.

The Plot: The Hillside Stranglings details the real life story of serial killing team Kenneth Bianchi (C. Thomas Howell) and Angelo Buono (Nicholas Turturro), who terrorized California between 1977-1999. Our story begins with Kenneth Bianch unable to fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer in his native home on the East coast. A lifelong mama’s boy, Bianchi takes up an offer to go spend some time with his lowlife cousin Angelo Buono. When these two hook up, they immediately start frequenting strip clubs and picking up prostitutes. Ultimately, these two devise a plan to start up their own prostitution business. Bianchi and Buono quickly take advantage of two young women whom they essentially hold hostage and force into their service. Looking for more clientele, they find a local hooker who hands over a list of “Johns” with their individual phone numbers. When the girls start to work these Johns however, they step on the toes of a gang of REAL pimps who threaten to kill Bianchi and Buono. These two, feeling double crossed, look to take out their hatred on any female that they run across. The two begin stalking the night and killing hookers on a near weekly basis, while the police try and catch up with their nefarious goals.