Our good friend Prof. Aglaophotis is back yet again for some Halloween goodies! A review for the immortal Tourist Trap now graces the site and there’s still plenty more October madness to come!

The Plot: A group of five youths are driving out on the open road for a relaxing vacation in out-of-the-way towns, only for one of the kid’s cars to get a flat in the middle of nowhere. While one the drivers, Woody, searches the area for a spare tire, his girl friend Eileen gets a ride with the rest of the gang, Becky, Jerry and Molly. As the four drive further into nowhere, they eventually run across Mr. Slausen who lives in his tiny wax museum, isolated from his questionable brother who lives in an old house not far from the museum. However, as the kids stick around Mr. Slausen’s place, they start disappearing one by one, leading some to be either kidnapped or killed by someone in control of an evil force, attacking the unfortunate victims with living wax dolls and mannequins. As the youths start dying, the ugly truth will be revealed and few will forget the horror of the Tourist Trap!

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