Hey all! If everything works out the way I would like, prepare for an influx of horror reviews over the next couple of days! With so little time before Halloween is upon us, we here at Varied Celluloid have a lot to make up for! For now, here’s a review for the South Korean horror title Root of Evil!

The Plot: Kim Do-il (Kim Jin-geun) is a successful teacher who desperately wants a child, unfortunately his art-teacher wife Choi Mi-sook (Shim Hye-jin) doesn’t feel the same. The two are unwilling to physically have a child of their own at this point, and they often debate about adopting a child. When Kim finally makes a case for the adoption, his patient wife begrudgingly goes along with the plan. When they arrive at the adoption agency, his wife is immediately drawn to a fantastic painting on the wall. The painting was apparently done by the young Jin-sung and Choi makes up her mind very quickly on just what child she wants to adopt. The parents bring young Jin-sung home only to find that the young boy might have a few very interesting obsessions. His quiet nature is creepy enough, but his fascination with the dead Acacia tree in this family’s backyard seems to hint at something even more sinister. As this new family unit begins to learn to function with one another, they quickly find that this boy has a multitude of secrets that will inevitably rip this family apart.