Here we go, the one you’ve all been waiting for! The horror movie of our modern times! The very best of Halloween Horror without question and truly the masterpiece of the entire genre: Satan’s Little Helper. Read the review to discover more!

The Plot: Dougie is an odd kid. He spends all of his days playing a satanic video game sent to him by his father, the titular Satan’s Little Helper, which focuses on helping the devil kill mortals and then devour their souls. Dougie has played the game so much, that he has lost track of reality. When a psychotic arsonist breaks free from prison on Halloween and starts slaughtering the locals, it is of course Dougie who stumbles upon the mad man who dresses in a “devil” costume. Dougie immediately takes a liking to the satan-figure and invites him back to his home in order to slaughter his sister’s new boyfriend, who Dougie feels is a third wheel and has ruined Halloween. So with this psychotic killer in company, Dougie sets out to have the best Halloween ever! As you have likely guessed, this unfortunately doesn’t turn out to be true. Will Dougie and his family survive the enslaught of Satan or will they simply become more victims to his savage rage?

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