Okay, so this is a bit of a cheat. Popatopolis is a documentary, sure, and it isn’t a horror movie. However, it does cover a man who has contributed a great deal to the world of horror cinema. It also covers this man while he attempts to make another horror movie! That counts, right? Even if it doesn’t, it is still a featured review! So click on the poster art and read the review!

The Plot: Popatopolis is a behind the scenes look at the most prevalent b-movie genre that the world has left: softcore pornography. Director Jim Wynorski has worked in nearly every genre imaginable, but his latest cinematic experimentation will push him to his very limits. He has taken on the challenge of shooting a feature length film in only three days, with a miniature sized budget. So, he heads out into the woods with his three-man crew as well as his lead actor and actresses in order to craft his latest masterpiece, The Witches of Breastwick. Popatopolis shows us the internal drama of creating this film while also covering Wynorski’s illustrious career. Featuring interviews with outside sources who point out just how much the b-movie world has changed over the years, we get a sense of Wynorski’s willingness to adapt to whatever audiences gravitate to. While covering this, the audience ponders whether Wynorski will be able to complete his latest feature, or will it simply go over long and over budget?