Thought I wouldn’t update, didn’t you? WRONG! I just had to put it off towards evening and since I still have three hours until midnight this is the 15th day straight for a review to posted here on Varied Celluloid! Don’t forget to keep checking back, because the festivities just keep on rolling along! Read on for a review for Sorority House Massacre, a cheesy little slasher that was begging for a review!

The Plot: Beth (Angela O’Neill) is your average college student and she has recently pledged for a spot in a sorority house on campus. When she starts to spend some time with the girls, everything seems just perfect! However, not far away the sadistic killer Bobby (John C. Russell) is literally slamming his head into walls as he anticipates his return home. You see, the psychotic Bobby originally slaughtered his parents in the very same house that Beth’s new sorority has taken over in recent years. Soon enough bobby manages to escape from his captivity and looks to kill every single teen located in this house. Can Beth escape and does she actually hold the secret to stopping this madman within her past?

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