I wasn’t sure when I wanted to start back in on the Friday the 13th films, but I suppose now is as good a time as any! I don’t know if I’ll finish the series off this year or wait until next, but you can definitely expect 4-6 to be reviewed in the next few days for sure!

The Plot: Our film begins where the previous entry to the series left off, as the bodies are being cleared out and Jason is being hauled to the morgue for his autopsy. When he arrives however, the morgue attendant is more interested in getting laid than actually starting an autopsy and we soon discover that Jason Voorhees is not dead quite yet. He escapes the hospital and starts traveling back towards the lake. Converging on the scene at roughly the same time is a car full of teenagers who are all looking to do some serious partying. The local neighbors, the Jarvis family, are not particularly bothered by the obnoxious teens but simply steer clear of their partying ways. Young Tommy Jarvis is a child of divorce who lives with his mother and older sister. He spends the majority of his time crafting masks and props that come straight out of a horror movie. The little do-it-yourselfer relies heavily on his older sister who avoids the partying crowd of teenagers next door but soon finds an infatuation with another young man who has wandered into the area named Rob Dyer. Apparently he is searching for Jason Voorhees, who killed his sister previously. He knows that Jason is alive and as bodies start to pile up and others start to go missing, it seems that he is correct. Who will survive and how will they stop Jason this time?

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