Here are people, one of the least loved entries in the Friday franchise! Still, its somehow not all that bad in my opinion. So read on and re-discover the joys and fun of one young man named Tommy Jarvis!

The Plot: Taking place several years after the events of Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter, we follow Tommy Jarvis (John Shepherd) as he makes his way to a summer camp for troubled teens. Tommy hasn’t managed to shake his dreams about Jason Voorhees and finds himself continually having nightmarish visions of the hockey masked killer. Shortly after Tommy arrives, one of the other bad teens loses his mind and kills one of the mentally-disadvantaged kids. This clears the path for more carnage at the camp site as others begin to turn up missing. The way the bodies are turning up and the brutality of the crimes seems to point to Jason Voorhees, but how can a dead man be responsible for all of this? It is up to Tommy and his new friends to find out just who the murderer is and if it is Jason, they have to send him back to hell where he belongs.

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