For those of you who don’t know, I am one of the co-hosts on the Asian cinema podcast Vcinema. This month we decided to celebrate Halloween by covering a couple of Asian horror films on the show, but our choices were quite obscure (as they normally are). Looking for content for the site, I decided to also write a review for the film here on Varied Celluloid as well. Something I have never actually done! So, if you want, click on this link in order to visit the VCinema Show website and listen to our review – and then come back and read my thorough written coverage of the film! Double the profit!

The Plot: In the Guangzhou province of China, a serial killer is on the loose! However, to get to the bottom of our story, we must first look to the past; two years, specifically, before the murders had ever started occurring. In a small and tightly knit neighborhood, social deviant Li Zhengyuan is caught lying with the corpse of his wife who had recently passed away. Although her murder wasn’t proven, thus he was never arrested, his infatuation with rotting corpses was certainly shown. Li followed this act up by visiting the local brothel and paying for the freedom of a prostitute who was showing symptoms of a terminal disease. Li takes the woman home and before long she too passes away. Li is once again picked up for having sexual intercourse with a dead body and is arrested this time on sanitary charges. Skip forward two years, and women from the same brothel (the one that Li purchased the sick girl from) are now being murdered one by one. While this goes on, we also learn that Li has been released from prison. Could he be the culprit behind these devious acts?