Hey everybody! We’re back with some more of that crazy hockey masked maniac that we all know and love! Easily one of my favorite entries in the series (part 2 and 6 mark my favorites) and I hope you guys enjoy the review!

The Plot: Tommy Jarvis (Thom Mathews) is back and he is as ticked off at Jason as he ever has been! This time Tommy begins our movie by proving to himself once and for all that Jason Voorhees is dead without question. He arrives at the graveyard where the ex-killer has been buried and digs him up in an act of catharsis. Simply seeing the dead body isn’t enough for him though, so he rips a metal rod out of a fence and proceeds to stab through the dead heart of this killer who scarred his childhood. As Tommy digs out his gasoline in order to burn the madman with, a lightning bolt strikes the metal rod and in true Frankenstein fashion Jason Voorhees is alive once again! This time however, he is equipped with new super human strength and the killer doesn’t even NEED to use weapons any more! Tommy heads into town to try and warn the sheriff but ends up sitting behind bars. When the sheriff’s lovely daughter Megan (Jennifer Cooke) shows up to meet with her daddy and explain their re-opening of Crystal Lake, she meets Tommy and is immediately attracted to him. Now it is up to Megan and Tommy to try and stop this new beast version of Voorhees before he wipes out the entire camp full of children/counselors!

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