This is one of the first Halloween Horrors segments ever done on the site, and unfortunately not much of it still exists! Will be searching through the back catalog to try and piece these together in order to put these up.

Professor gives this little flick a spin, something about optometry, hypnotism, a movie in a movie and that little old lady from The Poltergeist. A winning combo if ever there was one! [review no longer posted]

Blood Beach
Apparently it’s no longer safe IN the water or OUT of it. My best advice, just stay away from beaches altogether, otherwise you’re just horror movie fodder just waiting to get swallowed by something or another. [review no longer posted]

The Evil Dead
My first contribution to the horrors, I decided to go with a string of classics I have put off reviewing since forever. Evil Dead was the first film I thought to review out of all this. Read the review and find out why it’s so special to me. [review no longer posted]

My second review here for the eternal Slasher flick that (kind of) started them all. Myers slices, dices and punctures any young person he can find in this original classic. [review no longer posted]

Now here’s a flick I’ve been kind of obsessing over here lately. Hellraiser. HELLRAISER! Skinless people, hooks, chains, crazyness all around. A film hard not to love. [review no longer posted]

Jackhammer Massacre, The
The Prof. has mixed feelings, but overall he sold me on it. Never really thought about renting it myself, but it looks just interesting enough to warrant a rental. Even if it’s not the most positive review for it, it certainly sounds like something to cure a little boredom. [review no longer posted]

Kiss of the Tarantula
Spiders! Holy crap! I hate ’em, always have, always will. Movies about spiders however, well, they sure ain’t as scary as the real thing. Still, Aglaophotis makes this one sound good enough to check out, even if it does feature those scuttering little mutants. [review no longer posted]

Other Hell, The
One word: Nunsploitation. Okay, another couple of words: Bruno Mattei. Three reasons I’m jealous of Aglaophotis. This one just HAS to be bad, but at the same time, I know it just HAS to be some fun trash. Check out Hell of the Living Dead, Rats or Zombi 3. The guy is a total hack, but gosh if he ain’t an entertaining one. [review no longer posted]

Thing, The
My last contribution (though this is all just in alphabetical order, I distinguish in the reviews which were written in what order I believe) to the festivities and it’s a film that just never gets old. John Carpenter’s The Thing, possibly one of my most valued possessions in the DVD format. I can watch it over and over and never get tired. Bless it, for it is good. [review no longer posted]

Trick or Treat
Oh sweet mercy! Ozzy and Gene Simmons!? What have you given us Aglaophotis! OH WOE IS ME!!! Haven’t seen it, but man, anybody else thinks it’s false advertising to put up recent pictures of the two on the DVD? Anyone care? No? Oh well, Aglaophotis actually manages to make it sound better than I expected it to, but wow… those two in a movie.

Got to love that cover art. Aglaophotis ends our campaign of the gruesome with a little bit of blood and death. A great way to end things I think. [review no longer posted]