Halloween Horrors 2009 turned out to be a very brief celebration. Varied Celluloid was starting up a podcast/webcast with VCinema at the time and the Halloween festivities were hard to get to. Still, all five films covered during this October were all classic horror films. These were all movies that wouldn’t normally be covered during a regular month, so it mad the season a bit more special.

Halloween Horrors # 01: Friday the 13th
We here at Varied Celluloid are HUGE fans of the Friday the 13th series! Even when they’re bad, they’re still pretty good. This first film, however, is not one of the bad ones. Featuring an interesting plot and a good pace, the original should never be over-looked.

Halloween Horrors # 02: Salem’s Lot
Salem’s Lot, for whatever reason, is constantly overlooked by the horror community. Genuinely creepy and still holding up, it’s one of the best films you can put on during the Halloween season.

Halloween Horrors # 03: Friday the 13th Part 2
The second Friday movie is where the series starts to pick up and become the series that we know and love so much. Jason straps on his bag and unleashes his fury!

Halloween Horrors # 04: Friday the 13th Part 3
Are you ready for Jason to stab you in 3D? How about having a 3D joint stuck in your face? Friday the 13th is campy, but fun.

Halloween Horrors # 04: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
One of the most influential horror films ever made. I realize that few movie reviews are going to do it justice, but it’s worth a shot!