Halloween Horrors 2010


Jun 11, 2011
2010 saw the most concentrated effort to really bring the festivities to life here on the site. We all pitched in so that we could compile one horror themed review for every day of the entire month. Now you can enjoy all of this hard work, in one place, for any season!

Halloween Horrors #01: Phantasm
The beloved Phantasm finally gets the Varied Celluloid treatment! This review was actually a holdover from 2009, but was written too late in the month to actually post it up for the previous Halloween Horror!

Halloween Horrors #02: Demons
Lamberto Bava gets a lot of love here on Varied Celluloid, but Josh had always put off reviewing Demons due to his initial dislike of it. Upon rewatch, he has found a gloriously dumb movie that is well worth checking out.

Halloween Horrors #03: The Toolbox Murders contributed by by Prof. Aglaophotis
Prof. Aglaophotis makes his debut in the Halloween Horrors festivities with this look at the infamous video naster The Toolbox Murders

Halloween Horrors #04: Cannibal Ferox
The Italian cannibal genre is one with a great deal of mileage on Varied Celluloid, but this classic bit of gut munching cinema was unfortuantely left off from the review list. Not it has finally made it to the great pantheon of Varied Celluloid cannibal film reviews!

Halloween Horrors #05: Tenebre
It just wouldn’t be a horror movie marathon if Dario Argento didn’t show up for the party! An overdue reworking of our original Tenebre review shows up, this time in a more elongated and blathering form! Just the way we like it here at Varied Celluloid!

Halloween Horrors #06: Mother’s Day
A classic low budget horror item from the fine folks at Troma, this may be one of their best titles that doesn’t intentionally set out to be a bad movie straight from the jump. Enjoy the epic granny-lead-massacre that is Mother’s Day!

Halloween Horrors #07: Stagefright by Prof. Aglaophotis
Aggy submits his review for this classic piece of Italian horror. From the late days of the Giallo, Michele Soavi crafted one of the last immortal classics with this title!

Halloween Horrors #08: Cemetery Man
The Varied Celluloid review for another Michele Soavi classic, Cemetery Man. A strange brew of horror and comedy that takes us between the worlds of horror and arthouse cinema.

Halloween Horrors #09: Nightmares in a Damaged Brain by Neil Mitchell
Another contributed review, this from the brilliant Neil Mitchell who discusses this very grim and morbid Nightmares in a Damaged Brain! Definitely give this one a read!

Halloween Horrors #10: Castle Freak
A review for the solid post-Re-Animator horror title featuring Barbara Crampton and Jeffrey Combs.

Halloween Horrors #11: The Cat O’ Nine Tails
You can’t beat a little Dario Argento, and what Halloween Horrors would be complete without a giallo classic such as The Cat O’ Nine Tails?

Halloween Horrors #12: The Deadly Spawn
A solid horror title that really evokes the grungy atmosphere of late eighties underground horror.

Halloween Horrors #13: Tourist Trap, reviewed by Prof. Aglaophotis
Professor Aglaophotis delves into this late seventies slasher flick, and he has a lot of great things to say about it!

Halloween Horrors #14: Satan’s Little Helper
What should be the worst horror movie known to man is surprisingly memorable… but hardly “good.”

Halloween Horrors #15: Sorority House Massacre
The name of the movie is “Sorority House Massacre.” Honestly, do you need to know much more about the movie than that? Well, if you do, here’s about 1000 words on it.

Halloween Horrors #16: Friday the 13th part IV: The Finale Chapter
The Friday the 13th coverage continued on Varied Celluloid, and with this review one of the best in the series was given its due.

Halloween Horrors #17: Friday the 13th part V: A New Beginning
How do you follow up The Final Chapter? Well, with A New Beginning, of course! A film in the Friday series that probably doesn’t get the praise that it deserves. It’s still not one of the best, but hey, it has its moments.

Halloween Horrors #18: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
The moment where the Friday films reached an apex of outlandishness, but silly slashers don’t get much better than this.

Halloween Horrors #19: Seven Death’s in the Cat’s Eye
Halloween just isn’t Halloween without a nice giallo, is it? With some very peculiar traits, Seven Death’s manages to make itself stand out from a crowd.

Halloween Horrors #20: Door Into Silence
Some late-era Lucio Fulci, Door Into Silence is a movie that is most often likely seen by Fulci completionists, but it’s definitely one that the hardcore fans will want to have seen.

Halloween Horrors #21: Last House on Dead End Street, reviewed by Prof. Aglaophotis
Prof. Aglaophotis gives his thoughts on this bizarre and disturbing cult oddity that manages to blend together the societal fear of weird hippies and of giant paper mache masks.

Halloween Horrors #22: Trick R’ Treat
A classic film of the modern era, Trick R’ Treat has certainly developed a reputation for itself since first being released. We take a look at it here and show exactly how it fulfills the hype.

Halloween Horrors #23: Grotesque
A review for the Japanese splatter film that made a massive wave when it was originally banned from having a UK release. Spoiler alert: the movie isn’t good enough to get up-in-arms over.

Halloween Horrors #24: Zombie, by Prof. Aglaophotis
Prof. Aglaophotis contributes a review for the Lucio Fulci classic, Zombie!

Halloween Horrors #25: Trick or Treat, by Prof. Aglaophotis
Prof. Aglaophotis is back again and he’s taking on the world of rock & roll as well as horror cinema!

Halloween Horrors #26: The Sister of Ursula
A review for this lesser known giallo title. Does it live up to the greats of the genre or does it turn out to be a forgettable mess? Read on and find out!

Halloween Horrors #27: At Midnight I Will Take Your Soul
Never afraid of a challenge, we take on the immortal Coffin Joe film At Midnight I Will Take Your Soul

Halloween Horrors #28: Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl
A bit of Japanese sleaze for the marathon, this one is far from a classic… but still worth watching. Japanese girls do blackface. ‘Nuff said.

Halloween Horrors #29: Dark Water
Among the creepiest films made during the initial run of Japanese ghost films that came out back in the day. Hideo Nakata’s Dark Water is always worth mentioning.

Halloween Horrors #30: Sodoma’s Ghost
Like bad pizza, even when Lucio Fulci makes a bad movie – it’s still worth looking at.

Halloween Horrors #31: The Gruesome Twosome
And what a fitting way to end the Halloween Horror festivities than to spend it with one of the founders of gore, Mr. H. G. Lewis!